UWS EC10732 63 Deep Angled Crossover Truck Tool Box

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UWS EC10732 63 Deep Angled Crossover Truck Tool Box Description

Style:Updated Packaging UWS crossover truck tool boxes are the tried-and-true American way of keeping your tools organized, on-hand and fully secure no matter where you and your truck roam. Each UWS tool box is built, right here in the USA, from extra-thick aluminum welded into a single-piece tub. This provides the tool box with unparalleled strength and helps keep the interior sealed off from elements. Aluminum construction also makes the box completely rust-free for long-lasting use. To add even more strength to the crossover truck tool box, the lid features a patented rigid foam core. Layered between two sheets of aluminum, this core greatly increases the structural integrity of the lid to prevent bending and warping and to ensure smooth opening and closing. The lid is able to open to a full 90 degrees, providing better access to tools, equipment and other stored items. It also features self-closing struts that pull the lid shut with just a small amount of pressure, making it easy to secure the box when your hands are full. To keep out moisture, dirt and even insects, the lid is also fitted with a Micro Seal stripping that seals off the inside of the tool box from the outside elements. UWS crossover truck tool boxes make it easy to keep your tools and other items organized, featuring built-in screwdriver holders and a three-compartment sliding tool tray. The tool box itself is easy to install and is available in multiple sizes to provide the perfect for your truck and lifestyle. Like all UWS products, each crossover truck tool box is proudly made right here in the USA for style and long-lasting dependability.

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